2022-23 Academic Year Superior Educators

Below are the full list of Superior Educators from the 2022-23 academic year!

Nikki Lishinski

June 2023 - Adams Township School District

She really makes it a priority to connect with students. She is a safe and trusted adult. When students are having a hard time, she is a trusted place that students can go to with their problems.

Deirdre Erbisch

May 2023 - Stanton Township Public Schools

Deirdre looks out for the interests of her students and colleagues. She is a leader, a team player, and a positive role model! Overall, Deirdre is a tremendous asset to Stanton school and the larger community. Read Deirdre’s full nomination.

Brad Besonen

May 2023 - Copper Country Intermediate School District

Mr. Besonen is just incredible. He is able to teach a whole classful of elementary kids instruments, music and they put on concerts throughout the school year and they are always SO good! Read Brad’s full nomination.

Bob Hiltunen

April 2023 - Copper Country Intermediate School District

Bob has a gift for defusing escalating emotions and bringing calm to crisis situations. He is always willing to teach any student, follow any lesson plan, or do literally anything else asked of him. Any opportunity to work with Bob is always a peaceful, fun, and enlightening experience for students and staff alike. Read Bob’s full nomination.

Lisa Pyykkonen

April 2023 - South Range Elementary School

Lisa is always learning the newest methods and finding ways to improve her teaching to reach each and every student! Throughout her entire career, Mrs. Pyykkonen has always advocated for her students, and they are the most important part of her classroom. Read Lisa’s full nomination.

Jamie Pelli

March 2023 - CLK Elementary School

Jamie's heart is larger than the size of Texas! She comes in to volunteer for projects in the summer and will go the extra mile for students and staff. Her positivity is infectious and she captures the hearts of everyone she works with. Read Jamie’s Full Nomination.

Kristen Kariainen

March 2023 - Copper Country Intermediate School District

Kristen has a selfless dedication to the craft of education. She is often seen before, during and after school hours collaborating with others, all while respecting each person as an individual. Kristen is the epitome of a leader. Read Kristen’s Full Nomination.

Linda Scholl

February 2023 - Ewen-Trout Creek School

Linda came in and brought so much structure and organization to the curriculum. In addition, she is above and beyond kind, a great teacher, and a great coworker. She is the type of person who always says hi to staff and kids in the hallway with a big smile. She always has something positive to say. Read Linda’s Full Nomination.

Kristin Wanhala

January 2023 - CLK Elementary School

Kristin finds a way for every child to have a book in their hand and a smile on their face. She makes connections with her students that allow their hearts to be opened and their minds to be filled! She works miracles with these kids, both emotionally and academically. Read Kristin’s Full Nomination.

Shari Tapani

January 2023 - Houghton Elementary School

Sheri is truly one-of-a-kind. She always puts the kids at Houghton Elementary School first. No matter what needs to be done, Shari handles it. From busing to injuries to sickness to a kiddo just needing a hug, they'll get it from Shari! Read Shari’s Full Nomination.

Pam Bostwick

December 2022 - Houghton Elementary School

Ms. Bostwick is such a kind caring teacher. The kids gravitate towards her and she is motherly and friendly. Having the patience to work with children of all abilities. As well as working her class of students to work together and help each other out like a true team! Read Pam’s Full Nomination.

Sierra Bishop

December 2022 - Copper Country Intermediate School District

Sierra is an extremely positive and humble individual, who will do whatever it takes to move the mark forward in supporting students, teachers and district teams. Copper Country Schools are grateful to have Sierra Bishop as a part of our school community. Read Sierra’s Full Nomination.

Lisa Wilson

November 2022 - Baraga Area Schools

Lisa is amazing! She is kind, goes out of her way to communicate with her students' parents and always has a smile on her face. She has gentle kindness and patience for every child and treats them as one of her own.

Jenifer Mattila

November 2022 - Houghton Elementary School

Jenifer Mattila takes extra time to work with ALL her students. She is a trusted adult for students to talk to and ask for help. Any child that has had, or will have, Mrs. Mattila as a teacher, will have confidence, assistance, and all of the encouragement to succeed.

Jessica Poirier

October 2022 - Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools

Jessica is a superstar substitute teacher. She knows every student in the building. She has endless patience and jumps into any position she is thrown into and does it with a smile. You can even tell when she answers the phone that she has a big smile on her face! She is always kind and empathetic in a job that is truly thankless.

Tristan Baranowski

October 2022 - CLK Elementary School

Ms. Baranowski is an educator who completely understands that teachers who show their students that they care about them have students that perform to the best of their abilities. Students of all abilities are celebrated and encouraged to reach for the stars.

Christina Gallup

September 2022 - Baraga Area Schools

If you ever need help or have a question, she is right there by your side to help you understand. This is greatly appreciated by her students. In the years I have spent in her classroom, I have learned a lot of math, and have appreciated her patience and understanding.

John Croze

September 2022 - Public Schools of Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw

Mr. Croze is by far my favorite teacher I have ever had. He is very helpful and understands that not everyone thinks the same way. His door is always open 30 minutes before school starts and he is willing to assist on homework every day. His lessons make sense and he really takes time to introduce topics and make certain we understand them fully. He is not only great at his job, educating us, but he always has a contagious positive attitude and is always motivating us to keep on going and to never give up.

Thank you to these amazing educators!


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Celebrating Superior Education

Thank you for being here and supporting our educators. Superior Educators is a program of Copper Shores Community Health Foundation with the guidance of educators from our four-county community of Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw and Ontonagon counties.

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